VMAQ History



The VMAQ squadrons boast a proud history of service to the Marine Corps through its predecessor squadrons flying various electronic warfare aircraft, to include: the AD-5 Skyraider, EF-10 Skyknight,  EA-6A Intruder, RF-4B Phantom II, and the EA-6B Prowler. VMC-1/2 were the original composite squadrons (combined aerial photographic reconnaissance and electronic warfare capability) in Marine Corps aviation that later became VMAQ-2.    Please review the links here for more information.

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Silent Heroes & Their Aircraft



Silent Heroes & Their Aircraft  written by Col Wayne "Flash" Whitten USMC (Ret), chronicles the final events in the history of the electronic warfare function of Marine Aviation that for nearly 70 years focused on employment of dedicated state-of-the art aircraft and systems by unheralded professionals performing a little understood role in defense of our Nation. Its cover rightfully depicts an EA-6B Prowler

ready for a final flight with the symbolic exchange of salutes between the pilot and plane captain representing the unmeasurable contributions of maintenance men and women to its mission success over the past 42 years. Available in paper back only.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


LtCol (ret) Todd "Friday" Caruso is our foundation historian.   Col (ret) Wayne "Flash" Whitten is an expert of our history, and author of Silent Heroes; If you'd like either of them to contact you, simply email info@vmaqmonument.org and mention their name in the body of your message.