Bronze Statues Memorial


Erect a  monument & memorial to honor our VMAQ & legacy squadron veterans, available for public viewing at the National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL.  Sandra Van Zandt will sculpt our statues of a Troubleshooter, Pilot-in-Command and ECMO Mission Commander.  See her work progress here.

EA-6B Aircraft Display


 Locate our bronze statue monument in the vicinity of an EA-6B aircraft to display our people and aircraft together, making a magnificent display.  Facilitate placement of other decommissioned EA-6B aircraft in suitable locations around the country.

Preserve Our History


In addition to our monument and aircraft display, help facilitate saving squadron memorabilia, photographs, sea stories, plaques, trophies, and mascots for preservation or display to educate future generations.

Marine Historical Support


Support fellow Marine historical foundations, museums and other organizations around the country with a focus on preserving Marine Corps history.

Stay Connected


We will stay connected through online social media, monthly newsletters, and face-to-face gatherings through local groups or larger reunions.