Fundraising Schedule

Goal 1 - Jul 2018


$15,000 - Begin sculpting the 15-20" miniature statues, i.e. "maquettes" and stocking online store with inventory

Goal 2 - Nov 30, 2018


$75,000 - Pilot sculpting begins, first maquette cast complete. Store stocked.

Goal 3 - Mar 2019


$150,000 - ECMO sculpting begins. Continued maquette casting for Character Sponsors, Gold and Silver Donors. VMAQ-2 Sundown -> maquette unveiling.

Goal 4 - Jul 2019


$200,000 - Troubleshooter sculpting begins.  Continued maquette casting for Character Sponsors, Gold and Silver Donors. 

Goal 5 - Jan 2020


$250,000 - Statues molds and casting. Monument base etching & construction.   Continued maquette casting for Character Sponsors, Gold and Silver Donors. 

Goal 6 - Jun 2020


$375,000 - Bronzes complete. Base complete. Relocation to Pensacola with any museum matters addressed, Dedication ceremony scheduled.

General Cost Estimates



Approximately $5,000 raised will be used to purchase inventory to be gifted in return for donations made in the foundation store, i.e. tee shirts, patches, coins. Currently we are carrying VMAQ sundown patches and have a foundation coin in the works.  A VMAQ tee shirt will also be created soon.

Maquette Miniatures

$4,500 has been paid to Sandra Van Zandt to sculpt the three figures in miniature (18'-22"); create a mold of the maquette; cast an artist proof and finally mount it on a granite base. We will then produce  a limited-edition collection of bronze miniatures to gift to Character Sponsors, Gold & Silver Donors. These customary art pieces are excellent items to help invite the large donations needed for this project.

Bronze Monument on Black Granite Base

The monument will cost approximately $275,000 to sculpt, mold, cast, deliver and install. This estimate includes the etched black granite base and foundation.  Additional monies may be required for site fees and site prep (i.e. pouring concrete, brick laying, etc.) TBD ~est. $25,000 - $100,000 depending on final design.

Location Fees

Depending on the final location, there may be site preparation or installation costs required.

Dedication Ceremony/Events

Depending on available resources, we may be able to use a balance of monies to cover costs hosting the monument dedication ceremony.

Operating Expenses/Misc. Costs/Excess

We keep our operating costs as low as possible - we do not pay any employees; all volunteers and board members are unpaid. Our operating expenses include accounting software, website hosting, payment processing, business insurance, marketing, and a few other minor items. But, like all large projects, as we execute our mission we will encounter unexpected costs and changes to our estimates and must be prepared to manage them.  Any excess monies will be donated to a suitable charity i.e. Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, etc.